Selling Mobile homes in Orange County, Los Angeles and Ventura

Our Company, Mobile home Agents, has licensed sales agents in your area,selling mobile homes. Our agents understand the mobile home parks in Los Angeles, Orange County and Ventura and have mobile home buyers ready to move in.
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Selling a Mobile Home?

How to Sell Mobile home in Orange County, Los Angeles and Ventura

The process of selling a mobile home or selling a manufactured home can be complicated or it can be easy. If you hire a licensed mobile home sales dealer such as Mobile Home Agents, you can sell your mobile home fast and affordably. It can be a little more challenging when selling a mobile home for sale by owner.
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Sell Mobile Home!

Selling Manufactured Homes in Orange County, Los Angeles and Ventura

Our expertise in selling mobile homes is for both mobile and manufactured homes. Anything before 1980 is considered a mobile home, after that it is known as a manufactured home. Building standards and codes have changed, but they are still managed by the Department of Housing in Riverside and Sacramento.
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Selling a Manufactured Home?