3 Things You Need To Know Before Selling Your Mobile Home

Mobile homes are also popularly known as manufactured homes and park homes. These homes are relatively cheaper than the other homes where the land upon which the home is built also belongs to the home owner. But since a mobile home is simply placed on rented land, that makes it much cheaper and a more lucrative option for home buyers for whom cost is the prime concern. According to the statistics published by United States Census Bureau, a total of 3200 manufactured homes were produced and sold in January 2016. If you are also interested in selling your mobile home then here are three things that you should be aware of.

Mobile Homes are Registered with Motor Vehicle Department

Since mobile homes are not real property, this is why they are registered with the motor vehicle department of your state. When selling a mobile home you have to sign the title documents and submit all other necessary documents in the Motor Vehicle Department of your state. Also the buyer of your mobile home will have to register himself as the new owner with the same Motor Vehicle Department.

Only Death and Taxes Are Certain

Before you sell your mobile home it is important that you settle all your tax liability for the given year in order to avoid getting an audit notice from the taxation authorities. Generally, in the US mobile homes are taxed at the movable property tax rate (i.e. the tax rate of car) but the state of California treats mobile homes as real property and is therefore taxes them accordingly.

Don’t Forget to Handover the Home Occupancy Documents

In many states of US, dwellers of mobile homes are required to have home occupancy documents. These documents need to be handed over at the time of sale. Without this piece of paper the sale of your mobile home cannot be closed. Search for it well before you decide to sell your mobile home so that the process of selling your home can be completed quickly.

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