Cleaning Tips Mobile Home Sellers Need To Know

Are you trying to sell your mobile home for quite a while but things aren’t working out? An untidy mobile home might be the reason! If your mobile home is up for sale, buyers can knock at your door at anytime. We repeat, ANYTIME! This means that your home should be all spick and span when the potential buyer pays an inspection visit.

Here are the best quick cleaning tips for you!

  • Firstly focus on wiping off all the sanitary areas. Use wipes or disposable towels and clean the toilet bowls, counters and corners of the bathroom thoroughly.
  • Buyers hate stinky bathrooms! Don’t let the bathroom smell bad and pour a nice scented cleaner in the toilet bowl after every use.
  • Clean the walls after every shower using a liquid spray cleaner, while use the hot tap water or turn on the hot shower to loosen the grime.
  • Coming to the dirty dishes, do not pile them up in the sink! Instead wash every dish as it comes one by one to avoid extra cleaning. Once you are done with the dishes, clean the sink with a cleaning detergent and make sure to maintain the cleanliness until the next meal.
  • Moving on to the carpets and rugs, although they do not need cleaning on a daily basis, but your case is a little different. You need to sell your mobile home and nothing attracts a buyer more than a perfectly cleaned home. Do a daily vacuuming on the carpets to prevent dust from gathering in there.
  • What about the spills? Just clean them as you go! Don’t leave the spills unattended as they will become hard to remove later.
  • Lastly, avoid your mobile home from cluttering up! Don’t let small things scatter here and there, creating a big mess. Place baskets in few corners of the house and just as the buyers ring a bell, gather all the stuff and throw it in the baskets for the time being.

These were the few quick cleaning tips for you to keep your mobile home immaculate when the buyers come in. But if you still want some professional help to sell your mobile home than you can always contact an expert mobile home agent for the job.


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