Selling a Mobile Home

Are you planning to sell a mobile home soon? It can be a scary process. Trying to decide if you will put the mobile home for sale by owner or go with a mobile home agent. There are many things to consider when making this decision. As a licensed mobile home dealer, we understand the entire process of selling a mobile home and would like to share some knowledge for your consideration.
For Sale by owner. If you decide to go this route, you will need to have plenty of time and patience. First thing, you will need to give your park a 60 day notice of intent to sell. After you do this , the park may require certain items be fixed or repaired on the mobile home before change of ownership. After you have done this you will need to post a sign in the front of the home with attractive flyers. The sign will need any contact information where you can be reached. You will need to be prepared to have several calls from people who don’t understand that they need park approval and this can be very frustrating. They will also come knocking on your door at all hours asking to see your home.Open houses will be very important as well, saturdays and sundays should be set aside for people to stop by and see the mobile home. But one of the most important things to remember when selling a mobile home is advertising and marketing. The more people that are aware your mobile home is for sale, the more potential buyers you can talk to. Once you find a potential buyer for your mobile home, you will need to ask them if they plan to pay cash or finance the home? This process alone can take up to 60 days if the buyer wants to finance the home. Last but not least is park approval. Your new mobile home buyer will need to fill out extensive paper work and submit it to the park. It can take up to 2 weeks for the park to review the applicant, if they are denied by the park, its time to start showing the mobile home again. If the buyer is approved by the park, you will need to gather all title and registration paperwork, schedule a meeting with the buyer to meet you at the department of housing, where the title transfer can take place. There is a fee involved in this process as well.
The other two options are to hire a real estate agent or a mobile home salesperson. They will both charge a fee which can either be percentage based or flat commission. Real estate agents are generally known to charge a little more than mobile home dealers, simply because they are used to larger commissions on higher priced, stick built homes. Our company Mobile Home Agents specializes in selling mobile homes and we have the entire process down to a science. This is why our company can claim to have the lowest commission in the biz. Our flexible commission structure can be based on the selling price of your used mobile home. If the home has very low value, we are able to adjust our commission so you can walk away with more equity in your pocket.
There is alot to consider when selling a mobile home. One thing to remember, each month that passes is another month of utilities and space rent paid to the park. This is all lost profit. If you would like to sell your mobile home fast and efficiently, it is highly recommended to choose the experts to represent you during this stressful transaction.

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